Why is it important to upsell ?

Why is it important to upsell ?

Why  is it important for barbers to upsell?

The best way to change the mindset that upselling is a negative thing is to address the attitude toward the process and explain the nature of our business. We are in the hospitality business. Our goal is to give each guest the best experience possible. An experience is about the haircut, the atmosphere and the service. And they are all tied together.

Upselling makes you more money

Through the art of upselling you can affect both your top-line sales and bottom-line efficiencies.

The top line is twofold. First it can have a direct impact on increasing your sales. There are only three ways you can increase sales:

1) Bring in new customers (the most expensive form of marketing)

2) Get your customers to spend more when they visit

3) Get your customers to visit more often

When upselling is done correctly you can easily increase what customers spend each visit, all while ensuring they have a great experience and want to come back, again and again. And when done properly, upselling is a win for the service staff too because they ultimately improve their tip income.

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