How to grow a beard like rick ross.

How to Grow A Rick Ross Beard

rick ross beard

How to Grow A Rick Ross Beard – Beards have been a thing for decades now after it had been discarded in the yesteryears, beards made a big and groundbreaking comeback and a lot of men are crazy about sporting a beard in the 21st century because it makes them feel fly, handsome and cool about their appearance

Being on this page only means one thing, you have tried to grow a beard too but after weeks and months of waiting for results like the ones you see on TV and various advertisements on the social media with nothing forthcoming.

You already gave up on the quest and now that your interest in sporting a beard as full as that of the rap icon, Rick Ross, you are all over the internet looking for solutions that will make you grow a thick beard faster and feel among those who get to show off both on and off of social media.

As against the past centuries where there was no quick turnaround to a beardless situation, the 21st century is filled with products, tips, and tricks to help you grow desired beard effortlessly in no time at all.

With tonics that make your hair grow quicker and thicker, it matters no more whether you have to be hairy in your gene or not, it’s just going to happen like magic.

Gone are the days when men are left in the hands of fate and DNA makeup to determine and shape appearance, nowadays, everything from your eye colour, hair colour and patterns can be altered.

These beard changes do not happen overnight, it takes a little time for you to notice changes as your facial hair transition from just strands of hair and patchy beards to having a full-blown Rick Ross beard, you need a little patience as you try out tips and tricks alongside tested and trusted products.

Men who are already above 35 might have a really hard time growing back their facial hair if they had never for once experienced having a full beard sprout out of under their chin.

There are a few things that can be done to slightly accelerate the growth of facial hair, promote the overall health of your facial hair and give you that luxurious look you’ve always craved for.

When trying to maximize your body’s ability to grow full-blown facial hair, there is need to put some things in check and on the top of the list is your lifestyle, some men have living habits that prevent the growth of facial hair, most men, however, continue with these habits as the implications are unknown to them.

In this article, a few of the living habits will be highlighted and it is paramount for those who are keen about getting a full beard to stay away from those habits in order to not make growing a beard a challenge for them.

All To Know on Growing a Rick Ross Beard

For most men out there, the problem that comes with having their hair grow past a certain point is the itchiness that grows out of control, becomes unbearable forcing them to shave or trim the beards prematurely. This phenomenon, when coupled with poor diet and improper skin care techniques, will wean the beards making it look thin, rough, dry and weak.

Being that sporting a fully blown beard like that of the Rick Ross Beard has been associated with power, masculinity, leadership and wisdom, the thicker your beard is, the better the amount of respect you command and here is why I have taken the time to painstakingly curate this article that will show you how to grow your beards over a few weeks following the highlighted tips and tricks.

How to be a part of the Rick Ross Beard Gang

Take Care of Your Skin

Healthy skin has been proven to be the first step towards growing a Rick Ross beard and to achieve the feat of having healthy skin, there’s a need to lay your hands on a good moisturizer.

Cleaning and washing the face at regular intervals will help with circulation and cleanse the skin of dead skin cells making the hair grow inside of the skin, this simple act opens up your skin pores.

A good moisturizer helps to keep the skin healthy with increased beard growth which over time leads to having a thicker beard.

Start Exercising

The importance of this in growing a Rick Ross beard cannot be overemphasized as regular exercise helps to improve and further enhance the quality of beards.

The thing with exercise is the fact that it has been proven to help with beard growth but not all forms of exercise help, so, there is the need to know which ones to opt for, you have the liberty to choose either one of brisk walking, cardio workouts, running, cycling and dance.

These exercises will increase the production of the major hormones responsible for the growth of facial hair alongside help with blood circulation that will ensure all essential nutrients needed to boost hair growth is distributed evenly.

Asides using exercise to increase the level of testosterone’s production, there’s also a product that can be used for the same effect if you are not cut out for the stress associated with exercises.

For starters looking to go the exercise way, there is need to take it slowly and start small and if the burden is too much for you or you just don’t know where to kick start, you should consider getting a personal trainer to ensure you are doing your exercises correctly and to reduce the possibility of getting injured by accident midway.

Reducing Stress

When you stress about a lot of things, work, family, friends, and whatnot, you unknowingly increase the cortisol in the human body which is an agent that hinders the development of testosterone in the body.

Stress has also been scientifically proven to restrict the movement of blood vessels which makes it a tedious task for red blood cells to carry and distribute all the needed nutrients around the body to the designated places.

Men who are trying to grow a thick Rick Ross beard should try as much as possible to stay away from stress; either it’s the short-term or the long-term stress as it harms the body by not allowing for enough sleep, a phenomenon which directly affects the growth of facial hair.

Whatever type of stress you are dealing with, to deal with and get rid of them, you can start with meditation and the results will surely amaze you as there will be improvements in how much facial hair you will grow over time.

Getting Your Rest

To increase the level of testosterone in the body, there is a need to relax a lot and if possible, have enough sleep as it helps to regenerate enough testosterone especially if you have long hours of sleep.

Enough sleep time will decrease the stress level in the body and the facial hair will also experience a boost while getting less than 5 hours of sleep daily will impact your beards negatively by reducing the production of testosterone by around 15% which eventually leads to having patchy beards that never connects.

Taking Supplements

Facial hair growth can be tricky at times and to catch on with whatever game your hormone is playing with you, there’s a need to incorporate a well-balanced diet filled with vitamins and good minerals with the use of supplements. It is essential to know that each of the nutrients present in meals is crucial to growing a thicker facial hair.

One of the facial hair supplements that have been recommended over and over again by experts is biotin which has been proven and vouched for by several beard enthusiasts to be effective in helping to grow beards to a thicker and fuller length and usage is based on user preference. Other supplements include vitamins B6, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, flaxseed oil, and nettle.

The truth is, most men do not consume enough of these essentials in their daily diet and that has been impacting their beard growth negatively without them knowing what the cause of them having a patchy beard is.

Incorporating these supplements, however, will positively impact the growth rate of men’s facial hair and as soon as there is a turnaround in your diet and usage of supplements, the same will apply to the growth rate of your beards.

Some men have successfully grown their endeared beards quicker and thicker with the help of supplement but, these results should not gear you on to rush every supplement on the market, not all of them will work for you.

You have to be cautious with supplements though as they shouldn’t be taken without your doctor’s advice as you need to know the appropriate dosage for each of those supplements and your doctor is in a better position to decipher the kind of ingredients put together to arrive at the supplement and how it can be best used to arrive at your desired result.

Apply Beard Oil Regularly

Every man that is serious about changing his rough-looking beard situation around to one that is healthy, shiny and good looking will consider the usage of beard oil from the onset i.e. the very first day he decides to change the situation of things from bad to better than the best.

A good beard moisturizer is essential as it helps to keep the beard area moisturized while eliminating dandruff that might lead to incessant itching, you can’t agree with me more on the need for beard oil.

When choosing a beard oil that works just right, it is important to take note of the ingredients therein, as an advice from me to you, in the quest to make your beard thicker and make you look like a Rick Ross beard’s lookalike, go for beard oils with jojoba oil as one of its main ingredients.

This is because the oil is similar to the hormone that the screen secrets and the oil in its fullness complement the secretion of sebum to make your beard fuller and thicker in the real sense of it, not just with the looks.

Another thing to look out for in beard oil ingredients is to go for ones that are made with natural ingredients and not the other way round. This consideration is especially applicable to people who get exposed to harsh weather conditions and harmful chemicals.

Over application of beard oil can damage your beard, so, it is advised that you apply just a little of the beard oil and allow it to just do its magic by spreading through the very roots of your facial hair.

Trim Your Beard Properly

Trimming your Rick Ross beard hair to be, is no bad thing especially when it starts making you uncomfortable but people with no prior experience on how it’s done should not opt to do this on their own as it may have a devastating effect on the beard they had been trying to groom for a long time.

To trim your beard while still waiting for it to get fuller and thicker, it is essential to visit a professional barber who is well versed in the act of grooming beards without in any way affecting its growth process.

When your beards grow to a certain length and you are confident about trimming them yourself, then, you can go for it without the fear of damaging the root of your hair.

This is only advised for those who have had enough practice on how to trim their beard the way that won’t affect the beard negatively. Shaving or trimming of beard can be done at your very own intervals and convenience but depending on the length and thickness of the beard, it can be done routinely twice or thrice within a week.

Due to the fact that when your facial hair gets wet, it appears fuller and lengthier than it actually is, there is the need for you to resist the temptation of trimming immediately after having a bath as the action is one you might later regret.

Everything on Rick Ross and His Beard

The fuss and reference to Rick Ross beard in this article have been for nothing if we don’t take out some paragraphs to talk about the man himself as an artist, a beard ambassador, and a brand.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are new to the music industry, as far as you are a fan of rap music, you will surely be in the know of who Rick Ross is as his style of music is one that is unique and enticing.

Born William Leonard Roberts II, Rick Ross is an American based rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur with several Wingstop Restaurants to his name.

Although the A-list act is famous for his musical prowess, there is one other attribute that endears him to his fan and this goes beyond the borders of talent or the knacks for opening up restaurants here and there.

The one attribute that sets him apart from all else in the music industry is his well-groomed, healthy-looking facial hair and if we are being honest here, majority of beard lovers will want to grow a beard exactly like that of Rick Ross as the beard is an iconic one that has got tongues wagging with some anonymous source claiming he’s even got beard insurance.

That’s how unique the beard is to him, his fans and the world of beard groomers at large.

Well, beard insurance or not, one thing that’s certain is the fact that the spotlight the beards had brought for Rick Ross led him on to launch his own luxury hair care line, one in which he had no experience in which prompted him to partner with Rich Hair Care.

Seeing a picture of Rick Ross eliminates all doubt about these claims and one needs no soothsayer to point to the fact that his beards are full, thick and neatly groomed, a feat that has taken many months and years of grooming but, spotting the beard on Rick Ross makes it all look effortless, makes it appears like something out of the movies, just wave a wand and bam, beards are everywhere you want them to be.

The world as we know it is diverse and the diversity does not exclude beard styles as there are thousands of ways to groom your beard but there’s something about the way Rick Ross rocks his beard, it’s just so soothing to the eyes.

For one, the easiest of this artiste’s attribute to emulate is his facial hair and other physical appearance as not all of us are equipped with the talent to write hit rap songs as he does but his success with his facial hair can sure be emulated.

As regards beard styling, Rick Ross had set the path straight with some “beard styles for black men” which makes it a piece of cake for black men and others out there rocking a beard to easily opt for a style of their choice.

Rick Ross is the person that he is with a great personality, he truly cares about men out there with patchy and rough-looking beards to be at their best and appear like the sexy men they’ve always wanted to be, all of this starts with grooming healthy looking beards and rocking some pretty neat hairstyles.

After the introduction of his own RICH Hair Care brand, some of the products branded by Rick Ross himself has been available off the shelf at an affordable rate at Sally Beauty Locations and the artist plans to grow even bigger with the reach of the products as he believed an expansion in sales will give people from all over the world access to the products which will turn their beard situation around for the better.

At the start of the brand, the Rich Forever artist leveraged on the various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and the rest to announce to the world the birth of his own beard care products before going full-fledged with advertisements which all lead to the official website of RICH Hair Care.

The hair company is multi-facet as it also has something in store for the ladies as well and to that effect, there is a wide range of deep conditioners, moisturizers and many more aimed at enhancing ladies’ beauty.

There is, however, a subtle message to the pricing of these products and only people who are calm enough to look beyond the pricing will be able to tell, from what I can deduce, these products are being sold at a convenient price of 10 bucks and above just so you can use them as the perfect gift for a friend who needs to take it up a notch in his beard game.


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